Sweet White Wine

If Château du Mont

Appellation : Sainte-Croix-Du-Mont

Vine stocks : Sémillon 80%, Sauvignon 10%, Muscadelle 10%

Average age of vines : 60 years

Soils : Argilo - calcareous 80%, argilo - gravelly 20%

Harvesting : Hand-picked by successive selections (4 to 7 selections). Unique conditions found nowhere else in the world lead to the developpment of the tiny "Boltrytis Cinerea" mould, the noble rot that allows the grape to reach the sought-after over-maturity, concentrating sugars and aromas.

Wine-making : Fermentation and maturation in barrels

Tasting : You will be impressed by the breadth of its aromas of dried and candied apricots). But its concentration does not prevent it being well-balanced, with real freshness. All of which leaves no room for doubt about its potential for laying down.

Serve with : Foie gras, poultry, melon, cheese (especially ewe's cheese), fruit tarts. And as an aperitif. Serve at 4°C for tasting at 8°C.

Garde : This wine is ready to drink, but will improve for 30 years in a good cellar.